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Seven Qualities of a Leader

Here’s an interesting blog entry about leadership.

First a note about blog memes. A blog “meme” is like some kind of activity or assignment that bloggers hit each other with and then you’re expected to respond.

Doug Johnson writes The Blue Skunk Blog, one of the blogs I read regularly. Doug is the Director of Media and Technology in Mankato, MN, is a librarian at heart, and writes a sometimes sarcastic and often thoughtful review on the experiences of supporting and using technology in curriculum and learning appropriate ways.

So now, with that background info, read The Accidental Leader. I don’t feel ready yet to continue the meme, so for now, I’ll keep learning from others.


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Why the Andrews Leadership Program?

So, why, you ask, did you choose the Andrews University Leadership program out of so many other choices?

First, for the faith component. Andrews University professors are Seventh-day Adventist Christians and I know that my own faith will be challenged and will grow in my learning at Andrews. I crave the prayerful environment and look forward to learning with other Christians.

Second, for the self-directed learning. Ever since I learned about this program in the ’90s when I taught some email workshops for the participants, I’ve known that if I ever pursued a Ph.D. it would be the AU Leadership program. I’m intrigued by the competency based format, attracted to the portfolio defense process, and entrenched in on-the-job learning. Therefore I believe this program fits my learning needs & style.

Finally, the Leadership goals match my own.

Leadership prepares leaders for service in their professional forums. I want to serve better.

Leadership is based on the demonstration of key competencies and is individually customized, reflecting the practical skills acquired in the workplace. I want practical learning embedded in my work.

Leadership is a community of learners dedicated to the principles of Christian service. I want to be part of a learning community of others committed to Christian service.

For these reasons, plus a few personal reasons, I have chosen the AU Leadership Program to pursue a PhD.

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