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Gratitude Simmers

smooth green turf
cool shady breezes
blue blue skies
deep green woods
chirping birds and bugs
white fluffy clouds piled high
pure white snapdragons
    with golden hearts hidden deep
        for shimmery green hummingbirds
            to feed with long sharp beaks
green tomatoes hanging waiting
    for the blush of summer sun
        to sink deep into red sweetness
a lazy swing and a sleeping cat
rich thick fresh fruit smoothie
    reds of strawberries and
        blues of berries and
            golden red sweet dripping peaches

gratitude simmers inside me


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Roundtable 2007

I’ve been spending my blogging time this week over at the Andrews University Leadership Roundtable Blog. Here are the posts that I wrote this week:

    Here are the posts that I want to review again and again:

    My big take-away from this year’s round table is the concept of laying a foundation of theory & reflection under everything we do.

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    Welcome to Out on a Leadership Lim

    This blog, my second, is dedicated to my learning about service and leadership at Andrews University. I’m starting the Leadership PhD this summer. In the meantime, I’m starting this blog now because I learned an important lesson today and I want to record it. Maybe it will come in handy for future assignments!

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